Mailfaux is a skirmish miniatures game with named characters and themes of gothic undead, steampunk, Victorian horror, samurai, Bayou gremlins and wild west. It’s quite the mix and it blends together nicely in the magical realm known as Malifaux powered by a mysterious resource called soulstones.

What makes Malifaux awesome?

It’s as if Wyrd sent a dignitary from earth side to Malifaux in order learn the secrets of making a fun miniatures game

As counter intuitive as it sounds I lost a game where all but one of my models was killed by my opponent but I still had a blast playing. In another game I was teaching a new player. I killed their leader called a master but they went on to win the game.

How is this possible? Well in Malifaux it all comes down to Strategy & Schemes.

A strategy has a new definition in the game of Malifaux. It’s a shared goal both players have to earn victory points and it’s the reason your crew is fighting. Each game uses one strategy. In a nutshell they are have models in the center, control the corners, kill your opponent’s models, grab objectives along the center line, or place markers in your opponents half of the table. That’s not all in addition to the shared goal you also get schemes which are side goals that also earn you points toward victory. You get 2 schemes and some may be revealed right away and some are kept secret to surprise your opponent with.

A couple of other things that make Malifaux great are size and variety. Being a skirmish game size is small. A crew is usually made up of 7 to 10 models. You can enjoy hobby time embellishing and making your models look great or you can speed paint a crew in one go. The variety in this game is off the rails because the game has been around for a while now and the company Wyrd is established. There are currently 7 themed factions to choose from and a crew is led by a master. Each factions has about 8 different masters to choose from each with unique abilities and play styles. Just about anyone who is a fan of miniatures games will find a crew that is spick-and-span for them. Wyrd also consistently has new releases each month for the game.

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