How to get a job in the game industry 5 rock-solid tips by Clay Capra

1. Check job postings often and apply
Game companies post jobs all the time. Bookmark the career section websites of companies you would love to work at and check their site often. Be patient it’s only a matter of time before a job posting is great match for you.

Has links to many companies’ career sites as well as job postings in the industry.

2. Volunteer to help at game conventions
Whether it’s for the convention itself or companies that have a booth volunteer to help. They are always looking for help and it’s a great way to get to know people who work in the industry and make connections.

3. Make a decision to work in the game industry no matter what
This is an important step. You must go all in and be committed. Sometimes it’s a scary tough decision. I love this video and I recommend you watch it from beginning to end. (if you must rush the best part starts 20 minutes in)

Peter Dinklage ’91 Addresses Bennington College’s Class of 2012

4. Consider many options and go after skills you need:
Work in a game store, Accounting, Creative Design, Retail, Sales, Graphic Design, Artwork and Illustration, Social Media and Promotion, start your own game store, Shipping Warehouse and Fulfillment, Rulebook editing, Desktop Publishing.

5. Up your game for cover letter and resume writing skills
When it comes time to apply you need to stand out. Do your own research here and put in the time. Search for You Tube videos on how to write a great cover letter and resume.

Clay Capra is currently head of operations at Leder Games. In the past he has owned and managed his own retail game store, managed a Games Workshop store and did sales for Legion Supplies.
Find him on Twitter @Clay_Capra

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