Halloween Card Game

Trick or Treat Card Game
Do you know about a card game called Trick or Treat? It’s a Halloween themed card game that really brings a lot of nostalgia back to childhood. Remember when you would be looking forward to Halloween and just looking forward to being with your friends and getting together and going around the neighborhood collecting tons of candy. This game lets you to relive that and it’s a perfect game to play with your kids. So it’s for anyone who wants to relive that childhood of trick or treating and it’s a fun activity to play with your kids around the Halloween holiday.

It’s a simple game. It’s a rummy style game so if you ever played rummy or gin rummy your melding cards to collect sets and you turn in those sets to collect points and that’s what you’re doing in this game.  You’re going around to different locations and collecting trick-or-treat cards. You might get treats or you might get tricks and some of the different locations are pretty cool. You can visit a haunted house. You can go to the mansion  and you can go to the various houses in the neighborhood to collect sugar treats. You can even go to the carnival that’s in town. When you have collected your candy treats then you head home to turn in sets to collect points so you might have one fruity treat one spicy treat and one gooey treat and turn those all in for Four Points.

I want to give you a feel for what it’s like when you’re actually playing Trick or Treat basically when it’s your turn you move your costumed kid to another location and you do whatever action is at that location. The mansion lets you draw three cards from the trick-or-treat deck if you go to a house in the neighborhood you draw two cards from the trick-or-treat deck and one face up card that’s next to that house so you kind of see what you’re going to get at that house. The carnival has 5 face up cards and you get to choose one of those but you can also discard a card from your hand to grab an additional card so the carnival is great when you just need that one more treat to complete a set. When you have those sets completed you move home and that’s where you turn in those sets for points.

Frankenstein's bride
Frankenstein’s bride

You have to watch out because there is a bully in this game who steals your treats. I remember when I was a young lad trick or treating with my friend at his neighborhood a bunch of older kids came and they kind of jumped out of nowhere and scared us. They didn’t actually hurt us or anything but they acted like they were going to yes we were scared. The funniest thing that happened was probably about 10 to 15 minutes later we realized during the little scuffle that my friends candy bag had a small hole put in the bottom and lots of his candy had been falling out. My friend was mad but it was all in good fun

When I was trick-or-treating as a child I got lots of cool candy treats but I never did get a trick and in this game you certainly can draw some trick cards and they do some cool things. One of them is a costume change which basically lets you switch your costume and it allows you to stay in the same location doing that action again. A sneak card allows you to move to a location where another kid is normally you can’t move to the same location. There’s a move the bully card so yes you can move the bully and the bully is going to scare all the kids away and steal a random treat card from them.

The kid cards are very cool the artwork is very whimsical and fun illustrated by Andrew Weaver the costumes are just fun there’s a lion there’s a witch and a pirate there’s is a monster looking card that reminds me of the movie Monsters Inc. and the bully is Frankenstein or Frankenstein’s bride.

Kid's costumes
Kid’s costumes

The treats are also lots of fun so there’s chocolate bars there’s taffy, lemon-drops, cinnamon treats and caramel you’re going to get hungry for candy while you’re playing this game.

Treats in the game
Treats in the game


The best time of the year to play a game of trick or treat is of course around the Halloween holiday but it’s also just a great little rummy card game so if you love rummy style games I recommend trick or treat to bring some of that Halloween nostalgia and it’s perfect for playing a fun simple card game with your kids.

Trick or Treat Card Game
Trick or Treat Card Game

I’ll leave a link below where you can go and purchase trick or treat thank you and have fun out there.



Trick or Treat a Halloween Card Game:


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