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I for one am very excited about a science-fiction franchise that is getting a lot of buzz this year.


And that’s Dune. It’s up there with all of the other major IP’s like Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings but usually not as popular. For me I love all those other franchises. I’m a big fan and absolutely love Lord of the Rings and Star Wars but Dune is my favorite.

Dune has really cool things that make it stand out to me. You’ve got this one single location in the universe that contains something that’s so sought-after so valuable and it’s the only place in the universe it can be found. People use it for travel which is essential and it also expands consciousness. That substance is the spice Melange.  We also have the Fremen, native inhabitants of planet Arrakis where the spice is found and they have a dream of it raining water on the planet. Water being so essential to life as we know it we can all relate.  The desert theme, the color palette, the Emperor, the Harkonnens, the Bene Gesserit. So many cool aspects lend itself to being my favorite science fiction franchise.

A new movie due out October 2021 directed by Denis Villeneuve is creating a lot of excitement and anticipation. What does the future look like for gaming in the Dune universe?

Gaming is my main passion so I want to blog here about games from Dune. For many years the Dune board game published by Avalon Hill in 1979 was my favorite board game. This game was ahead of its time. It featured true asymmetric player powers.  I love the bidding aspect, the combat mechanic is great, forming ally partnerships was great.  Lots of things all come together to make it my favorite game. It’s been republished by Gale Force Nine in 2019 so if you like strategy games and you’re a fan of Dune go get this game.

Past Games

I’m going to mention here some of the Dune themed games of the past that I have played and owned. Back in the mid-to-late 90’s CCG’s or collectible card games we’re all the rage so of course there was a Dune  themed CCG published by  Last Unicorn Games in 1997. I collected this game and played it a few times but I mainly enjoyed the artwork and theme more than the actual game play.

 When I was young, I actually owned the Parker Brothers Dune Game Published in 1987 which featured images from the 1984 David Lynch movie. I don’t remember too much about what the gameplay was like. I just have fond memories of the discs with character images from the movie.

 Dune II (1992) The video game was one of the first RTS games. It certainly had an influence on future real time strategy games and the popularity the genre went on to experience with games like Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

New Games
Enough about the past games let’s look forward to the future and this is where it gets really exciting. I’m anticipating these games in the works.

 If you’re a fan of role-playing games yes, a Dune themed role-playing game is being worked on and developed by Modiphius entertainment. I don’t have too much information on what this game is going to be like but I did sign up for their mailing list to keep up-to-date. I can’t wait for this.

DUNE Role Playing game from Modiphius Entertainment.

If you’re a video games fan Dune has you covered here as well Funcom has recently announced on their website they’ve acquired the rights to publish computer games based on Dune IP and that they’re currently working on in developing their first Dune game. Rumor has it the first one will be an open world multiplayer survival game. Count me in 

Funcom search their news posts for Dune

Updated October 12th, 2020
A new game is in the works called Dune Imperium!
Dire Wolf Digital plans to produce a new Dune deck-building game inspired by the upcoming Dune movie. The design team also worked on the award-winning Clank!™ series.

DuneImperium_ComponentsRender (1)

About Dune: Imperium
Homepage & Newsletter Signup https://www.direwolfdigital.com/dune-imperium/
Board Game Geek https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/316554/dune-imperium

Dune: Imperium Designer Diaries
1 – Beginnings https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2508703/designer-diary-1
2 – Power, Economics, and Politics https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2510135/designer-diary-2-power-economics-politics
3 – Conflicts https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2512374/designer-diary-3-conflicts

So, with the first of the two Dune movies due out October of 2021 and game companies starting to announce that they’re working on new Dune games it’s an amazing time to be a Dune fan. Hopefully the movies will bring many more fans to the enchanting world that is Dune.
Dune | Movies

Dune Pictures from Vanity Fair

Shout out to Quinn’s Ideas. I’ve been following this YouTube channel for lots of Dune goodness.

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  1. I love this franchise – Dune is a rich universe from which a veritable… ahem… well of freshwater gaming goodness is totally viable if publishers and designers put the effort in.


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