Halloween Card Game

Do you know about a card game called Trick or Treat? It’s a Halloween themed card game that really brings a lot of nostalgia back to childhood. Remember when you would be looking forward to Halloween and just looking forward to being with your friends and getting together and going around the neighborhood collecting tons of … More Halloween Card Game

How to get a job in the game industry 5 rock-solid tips by Clay Capra

1. Check job postings often and apply Game companies post jobs all the time. Bookmark the career section websites of companies you would love to work at and check their site often. Be patient it’s only a matter of time before a job posting is great match for you. Website: http://gameosity.com/jobs/ http://gameosity.com/2018/08/30/tabletop-companies-list/ Has links to … More How to get a job in the game industry 5 rock-solid tips by Clay Capra


In a game of Endeavor you basically throw down your population markers to represent places you’re shipping to. This allows you to grab trade tokens that have symbols on them allowing you to advance along one of the four status tracks. Advancing along the tracks gets you more stuff and points. Population markers in an … More Endeavor


Mailfaux is a skirmish miniatures game with named characters and themes of gothic undead, steampunk, Victorian horror, samurai, Bayou gremlins and wild west. It’s quite the mix and it blends together nicely in the magical realm known as Malifaux powered by a mysterious resource called soulstones. What makes Malifaux awesome? It’s as if Wyrd sent … More Malifaux